Shane Murphy from Neighbourhood Wine

The Woodshed Kitchen - Shed Dining




Neighbourhood Wine is an independent wine shop established by Mick & Shane in November 2020 on Leeson St, Dublin. With a combined 40+ years in the trade, they want to share the wines they love to drink with their customers be they classics, organic, natural; the main thing is they are tasty and super drinkable! Mick O'Connell is a Master of Wine and writes for Sunday Business Post and a regular with Sean Moncreiff on Newstalk. They are serious about wine, but in a way that you can easily understand!

Having worked with Nico at The Big Grill, the lads have paired some mouth watering wines that will match the flavourful punch of the exciting dishes on the night. Expect from zippy freshness to smoke and oak!

Shane's bespoke wine experience will be an optional extra to pair with Nico Reynolds, Chef, Lil Portie's dining experience which will be available to purchase at the restaurant during the event.

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