The Canine Pain Panel

Lets talk about your dog


11am - 12pm

Embark on an illuminating conversation with "The Canine Pain Panel."

Our dedicated experts, driven by a profound commitment to enhancing the well-being of our beloved furry friends, are poised to provide comprehensive insights into recognizing and addressing the subtle nuances of our dogs' daily discomforts and quirks.

Dogs possess a remarkable ability to conceal their pain, and the nuanced signs signaling distress can elude even the most attentive pet owners. Whether you have a spirited young pup or a wise, seasoned companion, this discussion is a must-attend event for every dog owner. Don't let the subtle cues for connection and potential pain go unnoticed—join us and gain invaluable knowledge that will empower you to ensure the optimal health and happiness of your canine companion.

Hosted by Catherine Griffin with Deidre Duggan and Sinead the Natural Vet Co.

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