Alex Wilson pre-Dog's Day Out Workshops Fri 5th and Sat 6th April



Fri 5th April 4pm & Sat 6th April 10am

The Tellington TTouch® Method, introduced over 50 years ago, is a training method which covers the relationships between humans and animals and developed a completely new attitude towards understanding and training. It originated with Linda Tellington-Jones, a respected trainer, teacher and author.

Dispensing with the habitual combination of force and fear to get animals to do our bidding, the Tellington TTouch®method changed the perspective completely. Tellington-Jones recognised that pain or fear of pain inhibits learning and that behaviour is a means of communication rather than an expression of attitude.

The nervous system can learn much more through non-habitual movement rather than simple repetition. Over and over again, thanks to this Method, we have seen the power of the connection between physical and mental balance so the TTouch creed has duly become “Change the posture, Change the behaviour”. It is therefore logical that all Tellington TTouch® exercises start with changing posture and mindfulness as a means to affect behaviour and co-operation for the better.    

TTouch combines a number of varied applications in pursuit of the best conditions for animals to fulfil their full potential. There is no pressure to create behaviour as TTouch makes the learning steps small and easy for the animals to understand what we want. It uses close observation, bodywork, exercises and specialised equipment to improve physical and mental balance which in turn leads to improved communication and harmony.

The specific approach of the Tellington TTouch® Method does not exclude the use of other programmes and the main TTouch philosophy of mindfulness and respect can be integrated into current methods being used. It enables dogs to benefit from whatever aspects of either help them most.

Building a true partnership between handler and animal depends on enhancing mutual trust and co-operation rather than handler domination. Instilling this self-confidence and self-control is key to enabling animals to adapt to any situation even for the first time, rather than only learning to respond to particular cues and being helpless without them.

We can all profit from expanding our often-set ways of thinking and the Tellington TTouch® Method can help with this both in general terms and your work with any animals or people.  To discover more about what this method can do for yourself you can attend one of our world-class workshops or investigate in your own time at home with some of our books that are offered on this site.

The Tellington TTouch® method is recognised worldwide as a hugely beneficial and gentle training regime and is recommended by countless veterinary surgeons, trainers, veterinary physiotherapists, competitors in equine and canine sports and rescue workers as well as thousands of animal owners.

Join Alex at the Ballymaloe Grainstore for one or two seminars. This is a human only event with limited numbers

Friday 5th of April : 4pm - 9pm Early Bird €99.00

Calmness rocks with Alex Wilson Xtra dog training

Unlock canine tranquility in our evening workshop with the Amazingly talented Alex Wilson from Xtra dog training.

Discover proven methods, including games, TTouch®, and Free Work, to transform your dog into a calm and composed companion.

Delve into understanding canine emotions, decoding body language, and managing relaxation day and night.

Essential for every dog owner, our workshop covers posture, emotions, equipment impact, practical tools, and more.

Elevate your connection with your dog and ensure they enjoy a serene and restful in their lives.

Alex will talk you on a transformative journey to unlock the secrets of canine calmness in the beautiful surrounding of Ballymaloe grainstore .

Saturday 6th April: 10am - 3pm Early Bird €99.00

Communication is key with Alex Wilson

Discover the secrets of canine communication in our one day workshop led by senior Tellington TTouch®️ practitioner, Alex Wilson.

Uncover the language of dogs through four comprehensive sections:

1. Tellington TTouch®️, Observations, and Free Work

2. Physical Body Language: Understanding Why Dogs Behave the Way They Do

3. Exploring Canine Emotions

Navigating Dog-to-Dog Interactions Enhance your bond with your furry friend by mastering observation skills and decoding canine body language.

Alex Wilson will be your expert guide, providing insights to help your dog become their best self.

Friday and Saturday - €200.00

We will serve a light lunch/supper at both events. You are welcome to join us for both days.

Follow the link below to book one or two day seminars with Alex

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