A Dog's Day Out at Ballymaloe
Will Return!

Save the Date 7th April 2024

Ballymaloe Grainstore and Grounds

Thank you to all who attended Ballymaloe's Dog's Day Out! 
We will return next year. Feel free to browse this page to get an idea of what we're all about and what to expect at next year's Dogs Day Out.

Join us on a fun-filled day for families and furry friends. This day is a celebration for all the wonderful pooches in our lives and will be filled with puppy play date areas, agility, games, talks, dog specialists, stalls, a fantastic dog show and of course some delicious food stalls and snacks (dog friendly and human friendly!)

Bring your dog, friends and family and prepare for a day of tail-wagging fun!
Tickets are €15 for the day and include entry into all talks, competitions and events. Dogs are FREE and can participate in any events for FREE.
There is FREE entry for children Under 12 and FREE parking.

Tickets on Sale 2024

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What to expect at Ballymaloe's Dogs Day Out?

We have teamed up with TopBarkz Cork to launch one fabulous day where you can learn how to give the best life to your best friend!  

This April 2nd will be jam-packed with games, competitions, classes, agility, training, puppy play areas, stalls and delicious (dog and human) food. We will be inviting the country's best dog specialists to talk about dog training and health throughout the day.
And of course it wouldn't be a Dog's Day Out without a fabulous must see Dogs Show.
Entry ticket includes entry to all activities and talks.

See below for a full list of the exciting activities that will take place!


Browse through our previous events! Events for 2024 will be announced next year.

Its Amazing What Dogs Can Do Arena

Welcome to the Main Arena of a Dogs Day Out at Ballymaloe! This space is to showcase the talent of pups around the country! Be amazed by Agility courses, cheer on Flyball and Canicross athletes, or learn just how incredible dogs can be in Scent Detection and Mantrailing demos.

We will wrap up the day by having our talented doggie guests star in a fabulous Fun Dog Show! Learn about each of our exciting demos below!

Mantrailing Demo and Taster Class by Hounds & Helis:

This fabulous demonstration by Hounds and Helis shows how dogs can be trained to find a missing person. Mantrailing is a lifesaving skill used by search and rescue, police and military forces around the world. Be amazed at the way dogs can follow a trail invisible to the human eye! Mantrailing is a great activity for any dog and their owner, why not give it a try! 

Flyball Demo by Dogsercise:

Flyball is an exciting and challenging doggie sport, combining agility and intelligence. Watch teams of dogs race against each other over hurdles to release and catch a ball held on a spring- loaded pad, before racing back! This fast-paced sport is a thrill to see!

Scent Detection

Dogs 'see' and understand the world through scent. Its the first sense they develop and its more powerful than you might think! See just how incredible their skills are at this eye-opening scent demo, watch them explore areas with their nose and learn how to pick up on their body language to see if they're on a trail!

Canicross Demo and Taster:

Canine cross country is a fun and enriching way to bond with your dog! In this fun sport you and your dog work as a duo, and run cross country attached together. Learn how you can train your dog to be your best teammate as well as friend in this exhilarating sport!

Agility Display by Agility4Nuts:

Experience this fun and energetic display of amazing agility by Agility4Nuts. Agility is a playful, fun and invigorating activity for dogs to learn and is a joy to watch! See the amazing team from Agility4Nuts run, jump and twist their way through a challenging obstacle course.

Fun Dog Show

One of the most exciting parts of a Dogs Day Out at Ballymaloe where your pooch becomes the star!! Register and enter your dog into our Fun Dog Show, or enjoy the incredible line-up of talented, cute, fluffy and fashionable dogs! Categories are:

  • Best Puppy >12 months
  • Small Dog >10kg
  • Medium Dog 10-25kg
  • Large Dog <25kg
  • Best Trick
  • Dog Judge would most like to take Home

Sign up on the day in the Big Shed.

Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland

We are so delighted that Autism Assistance Dogs will be our Charity Partner for a Dogs Day Out at Ballymaloe. Find them in the Main Arena! A true example of just how amazing dogs can be!

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Lets Talk About Dogs

Lets Talk About Dogs is where experts from around the country gather to chat about everything from dog psychology, to health, to how to take great pics with your pup!! We are really excited for this special part of a Dogs Day Out at Ballymaloe! We have an amazing line- up of specialists that will be hosting talks, panels and Q&A's that allow you to get some interesting insight into your pooch's mind! We are delighted that this Arena will be hosted and moderated by certified Dog Behaviorist from Snout & About, Catherine Griffin. For a timetable please check out our Schedule.

Reframe your Dog's Behaviour with Catherine Griffin

Catherine is a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant and founding member of the Irish Veterinary Association Ireland. In this talk she will help you understand your dog's behaviour, how to pick up on body language cues and what they could mean. Join this highly interesting talk to get an insight on how your dog might be feeling.

How to Take the Ultimate Dog Photo with Audrey from Pawtrait Ireland

Audrey from Pawtrait Ireland is an expert at capturing beautiful shots of four- legged furry friends. In this talk she will guide you into how you can take the pawfect pic with just your mobile phone and your pupper. Join for some fun and tips, and learn how to take incredible photos to show off you fur-friend.

Dog and Child Safety with Dr. Niamh Lynch & Trainer Esther Ring

There's few things more special or heart warming than the relationship between a child and their dog. Join this important talk given by pediatrician Dr. Niamh Lynch and Esther Ring, Head Trainer from Top Barkz, as they cover how to ensure a safe environment in a home of children and dogs and how to cultivate a healthy relationship between these best friends.

Understanding Canine Pain with The Canine Clinic

The Canine Clinic are specialists in dog physiotherapy, acupuncture and hydrotherapy. In this talk they will be discussing canine pain, how to identify it, help, and where it's coming from. This useful talk will be so beneficial to any dog parents who want to better understand their pooch.

Homeopathy & Nutrition for Dogs

Michael is a Holistic Veterinary Surgeon and Registered Homeopath. He is one of only about a dozen veterinaries in the country qualified to treat animals homeopathically. Join him for an interesting talk on the importance of nutrition for your dog, and the surprising ways it can affect your dogs health. Michael's talk will cover the origin of Homeopathy, what Homeopathic remedies are made from, and how they are administered. You can find him at holisticvet.ie

Search and Rescue Dogs with Hounds & Helis

Eadaoin is the Puppy Supervisor for Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland and a Training Officer for SARDA (Search and Rescue Dogs Association). She also runs dog training classes and Mantrailing workshops in Waterford and Cork. Join her as she shows drone footage from Search & Rescue Dog teams and gives insight into the lives, training and work of these special hounds.

The Skin Panel With The Skin Vet & Hemp Heros

If your dog suffers from any skin conditions or itching you might be surprised at the reasons why... This panel will include dermatologist Kathryn and David Hartigan founder of Hemp Heros and range from conversations on treating skin problems to joint pain and osteoarthritis.

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Puppy Play and Display

The Play Arena is a dogs dream, and where you should head to meet like-minded pups and make friends! Head to the Play Arena for and meet and greets with dog trainers from Top Barkz Cork and puppy play sessions (for puppies under 6 months). We will also have a fun game of Musical Paws for any interested puppers ready to impress.

Sofia Busel and her Dancing Dog Lary will also be in the Play Arena and be performing their special dance routine!

Come along for some chats and wagging tails. Be sure to check out our schedule for the full list of events!

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Doga in the Walled Garden

Introducing one of Ireland's very first 'Yoga for Dogs' classes!

Join Grainne from Dandelion Yoga as she hosts an intimate yoga practice in the Walled Garden for you and your dog! This will be a fun-filled session where we try a few down dogs with dogs who are down with it. Bring your mat and your pooch and prepare to bond with your dog on a fun filled Doga adventure!

Limited spaces available, please book your spot on either our 10am or 2pm Doga slot on Eventbrite when buying your Entry ticket to Dogs Day Out at Ballymaloe.

Reserve a spot in doga

Sofia Busel and Lary the Dancing Dog

Meet Sofia and her Dancing Dog Lary!

Sofia and her mixed Australian Kelpie came to Ireland last year from the Ukraine and are now beginning to perform in different dog shows around Ireland with Lary's wonderful dancing. Sofia has been training Lary to dance since he was a young pup and together they've taken part in many agility competitions in Ukraine. Come and join this intimate class where Sofia can teach you and your dog how to do some fun tricks such as '8 between the legs' and 'the snake'!

Taking Place in the Lets Play Arena. Two classes will take place on the day and are reserved to 10 places, so book now to ensure a spot! SOLD OUT 

Reserve a place in Sofia's
Tricks Class

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Where do I buy entry tickets?

Entry tickets can be purchased through our website, just scroll on down to the bottom of this page. Tickets will also be on sale at the door.

Can I bring my dog for free?

Dogs are of course welcome and have free entry. You can only bring one dog per adult and they must be kept on a lead. Please ensure you carefully read through our Bringing Your Dog section beforehand to ensure the safety and happiness of your pup and others.

What does the €15 Entry Ticket give me access to?

Entry tickets gives access to all arenas. All talks, games and demos can be accessed for free once inside the Fair.

How can I book a space for Doga or Sofia's Tricks Class?

When you book an entry ticket through our website you will be given the option to reserve a space for Doga and the Tricks Class. Places are free but limited, please ensure you can make the time slot with your pup before booking. If something comes up let us know and we can offer your space to someone else.

Do I have to have a dog to come?

No! Dogs Day Out will be a fun day out for family and friends and there will be loads of entertainment whether you bring a furry- friend or not.

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Check out the schedules for each of our three fabulous Arenas! Lets Talk About Dogs, Lets Play Arena & It's Amazing what Dogs Can Do Main Arena.  

          Lets Talk About Dogs

10am- 11am The Canine Clinic

An essential talk on understanding canine pain with leading experts in hydrotherapy, acupuncture and dog physio

11am- 12pm Reframe your Dogs Behaviour

Dog Behaviour Consultant Catherine Griffin delves into how we can get insights into our dog's behaviour and learn to interpret it

12pm-1pm The Skin Panel

Join the Skin Vet and David Hartigan from Hemp Heros as they cover everything from itchy skin and allergies, to joint pain.

1pm-2pm Child Safety with Dogs

If you live in a home with children and a family pet this talk is a must. Pediatrician Dr. Niamh Lynch and Trainer Esther Ring discuss how to nurture a safe relationship between your child and their 4- legged best friend.

2pm- 2:30pm Homeopathy and Dog Nutrition

Michael is one of only about a dozen veterinaries in the country qualified to treat animals homeopathically. Join him as he discusses the importance of nutrition and dog homeopathy.

2:30pm- 3pm Snapping the Best Dog Photo with Pawtraits

Learn how to take the best photos of your favourite fluffy model using only your mobile phone! Audrey from Pawtraits is a Dog Photographer with a fresh eye and love for her subjects.

3:30pm-4:30pm Search and Rescue with Hounds and Helis

Join Eadaoin Glynn Training Officer for SARDA (Search and Rescue Dogs Association) as she gives an insight into the incredible life of Search and Rescue Dogs and shows drone footage of their work.

            Puppy Play & Display

10am- 10:30am Meet and Greet with Trainers Maria and Mirin from Top Barkz

10:30am- 11am Sofia Busel Tricks Class

11am-11:15am Sofia Busel and Lary the Dancing Dog Performance

11:45am- 12pm Puppy Play Registration

12pm-1pm Puppy Play Time

1:30pm- 2pm Sofia Busel Tricks Class

2pm- 3pm Musical Paws

3pm- 3:30pm Meet and Greet with Head Trainer Esther Ring

3:30-4:30pm Puppy Play Time

Its Amazing What Dogs Can Do               Main Arena

10am- 11am Mantrailing With Hounds & Helis

11am- 11:30am Scent Detection Demo & Taster with Dogsercise

11:30am- 12pm Flyball Demo with Dogsercise

12pm- 12:30pm Canicross Demo & Taster with Dogsercise

12:30pm- 1:30pm Agility Demo with Agility4Nuts

1:30pm- 4:30pm Fun Dog Show

Full Demo Schedule To Be Announced Next Week...

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Bringing Your Dog

We are so excited to meet all the wonderful dogs people bring, this is after all a festival in their honour! We aim to make the day as fun, enriching and safe as possible, but for this we need your help.

The below checklist is to help you decide whether you should bring your dog to a Dog's Day Out. Please make sure you can answer ‘Yes’ to all these questions before bringing along your dog, for their own sake as well as for others! 

If your dog doesn’t fit the criteria below it is best to leave them at home and bring back some treats to them after the festival. They will thank you and so will we! 

If you bring your dog without complying to the terms below we will have to ask you to leave unrefunded. Please also remember to clean up after your dog!


My dog is social and enjoys the company of other dogs, people and children: Yes/No

My dog copes well with other dogs in close proximity and in busy thoroughfares: Yes/No

My dog is fully vaccinated and is up to date with all required vaccinations. I understand that I may be asked for proof of vaccination to participate in activities at this event: Yes/No

All dogs need to be under “effectual control” as per the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013. I will keep my dog on a lead at all times during this event and will adhere to all dog related safety measures put in place: Yes/No


All types of dogs are welcome at the festival, but if you have a restricted breed you must agree to the following before bringing them.

I will adhere to all regulations regarding restricted breed strains and crosses under The Control of Dogs Regulations 1998 (S.I. No. 442 of 1998): Yes/No

They must be kept on a short, strong lead by a person over 16 years who is capable of controlling them: Yes/No

They must be muzzled whenever they are in a public place: Yes/No

They must wear a collar bearing the name and address of their owner at all times: Yes/No

Restricted dog breeds or strains and crosses of them:

  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • English Bull Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Bull Mastiff
  • Dobermann Pinscher
  • Rottweiler
  • German Shepherd (Alsatian)
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Japanese Akita
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Bandog


Have a pint in the sun while listening to some great music, soak in the atmosphere and get some inspiration. Whatever it is, there’s something for everyone at the Ballymaloe May Fair!

We have Walled Garden Fitness Classes, Cooking Demonstrations, Craft Workshops, Ballymaloe House, Garden Walks, Farm Sustainability Tours, Ballymaloe History Tours, Ballymaloe Grounds Biodiversity Tours, Craft Displays, Children's Activity Area, Irish Crafts, Irish Fashion, Vintage Clothing & Furniture, Shopping, and even a Dog Show in aid of Cork D.A.W.G bring your dog along for a fun day out together.

Come and enjoy our newest festival that celebrates innovation in food, craft, garden inspiration, and fashion, and brings us back to our roots.

What better way to spend the day than with friends and family having fun and learning something new!


We have a fantastic line up of Workshops for the weekend, with something for everyone.

Elements of Action Workshop with Esther Friday 7.30pm €45.00 per person

Esther from Elements of Action is joining on us Friday evening  with a fantastic workshop showing us how to put together one of their beautiful brass wreaths. Spend an hour with Esther in the workshop and come away with a unique piece of art for your wall.

Glenn Gisbson Wire Tree Sculpture Workshop Friday 6.30pm €95.00 per person

As part of this years Ballymaloe May Fair we are offering the unique opportunity to make your own wired Tree Sculpture with the renowned artist Glenn Gibson. The workshop begins with a complete demonstration on the basic steps needed to create your own tree sculpture. After this you will be brought step by step through the process showing you all the tips and techniques to create your Sculpture to take home. We will supply all the equipment necessary.

Hewn Workshop Saturday 10am-12.00pm & Sunday 3pm-5pm €65.00 per person:

Learn safe knife carving techniques with Éamonn O’Sullivan. Carve your own wooden butter knife to take home.

Tools and materials provided. No experience necessary but you should be reasonably comfortable with the idea of using a sharp knife.

Pacie Grews Make Your Own Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop Saturday 12.30pm & Sunday 10am €50.00 per person

Make a Macrame Plant Hanger. Learn the basics of macrame and knot up your very own sustainable plant hanger. Your teacher Grace, of Pacie Grews, will see that participants come away with more than just their own hanging planter; they’ll also be leaving with the skills and techniques to tackle any beginner/intermediate macrame project with confidence. You will be supplied with all the materials and equipment needed to make your own plant hanger to take home.

Learn the Art of Making Your Own Soap with Suzanne from Clarkes Soaps Dublin Saturday 5pm & Sunday 12.30pm €35.00 per person

Join Suzanne from Clarkes Soaps as she shows you how to make your own sustainable and natural soaps for your home. Suzanne will supply all the equipment and materials needed.

Designed and manufactured by Irish sculptor and artist Suzanne Clarke, the eponymously named Clarke's of Dublin is an award-winning range of luxurious handmade soaps, Mens shaving products, candles & bathing soaks borne from one woman’s passion.Combining the creative force, artistic flair and substantial skill of Clarke herself, Clarke's of Dublin prides itself on harnessing the best of local Irish ingredients sourced from all around the country, including seaweeds harvested from the coasts of Galway , Achill and Donegal, goat's milk from Offaly and the very best Atlantic sea salt from West Cork, Achill island and Clogherhead.All carefully sourced raw materials are skillfully blended with the very best olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba, eco soy wax, foraged seaweed, gorse from Howth, fresh vanilla seeds and essential oils to create a range of bathing products for luxury and the ultimate and body cleansing experiences.“Soap is now my passion,” explains Clarke. “Although I never imagined I would end up making fine artisan bathing and shaving products, I have always been driven by my desire to create, whether that is a piece of art or sculpture, or something more practical like beauty products

Open Hive - Hand rolled BeesWax Candles Saturday 3.00pm - €25.00 per person

Learn the art of candle making with Open Hive using Irish Beeswax from their apiaries. Take home your very own unique beeswax candles as well as some wildflower seeds for your garden. In addition to this learn all about the native Irish Black Bee and what we can do to help them.

Make your own Terrarium with Laura from Prickly Plants Sunday 12.00pm-€30.00 per person

Laura from Prickly Plants will be with us on Sunday afternoon showing you how to make your very own Terrarium. A Terrarium is a great way of creating your own miniature rainforest for home. A Terrarium acts like a 'mini-greenhouse', a small, enclosed environment for plants. Together with the soil, the plants expel vapour, recycling the water. The condensation is collected onto the walls of the terrarium and flows down to the soil.

Terrariums are self-nourishing and require little maintenance making them the perfect house plant.

Liz Walsh Textiles - Tote Prints Workshop 6.30pm Saturday- €20.00 per person

Learn how to block print your very own tote bag to take home with Liz Walsh from Liz Walsh Textiles . All materials and equipment will be supplied.

To Book

Book your place in the workshops when purchasing your entry tickets for the weekend. Just scroll down on the ticket page and select the workshops you would like to do.

Make sure to book the ones you’re keenest on soon as spaces are limited.

Keep an eye on our website for more details and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for fun sneak peaks, competitions and updates!

Walled Garden Fitness Classes

Bring your mat and join us in the Ballymaloe Walled Garden for pilates, yoga, strength training and more. With pilates workshops and classes, yoga practices, strength training and sound baths there is something for everyone.

Mindfullness in Nature with Mirin Mooney - Friday 5.30pm

Bring more peace into your life

Join Mirin on a mindful walk around the Ballymaloe walled gardens and learn how easy mindfulness can be. The session will include an introductory talk, a walking mindfulness practice around the beautiful walled garden, and a short seated (or standing) mindfulness practice. With plenty of opportunity for questions, alongside tips on how to make mindfulness easy and incorporate it effortlessly into your everyday life.

Proven benefits of mindfulness, Reduces stress, Improves focus and efficiency, Hardwires you to be more calm and less reactive, Improves sleep, Improves relationships, Increases happiness and fulfilment, Improves physical health, Extends life, Heals anxiety and depression, Improves mental health.

Mirin Mooney is an east cork based mental health coach and mentor. Having struggled with her mental health in the form of depression, self-harm, and bulimia, and finding that traditional treatments were ineffective she has dedicated the past decade to travelling the world and learning from different cultures and their approaches to healing and mental health.  

She combines the ancient practices of Ayurveda, Shamanism, and Energy Healing with her education in modern psychotherapy, mindfulness, coaching, and creative therapies to deliver her workshops, programs, and one-to-one services on topics such as mindfulness, past trauma, emotional intelligence, self-love, and the use of art and the body in healing. She specializes in empowering young women to overcome their insecurities and unresolved issues from the past so that they can love themselves unconditionally, express themselves fearlessly and create the deeply fulfilling life their soul craves.

Strength Training with Zoe - Saturday 10am

Join Zoe's Fitness and Therapy with a hour of fun workouts.  We will take you all through 30 mins of the MBC class Movement Balance and Core.  This activity aims to improve flexibility, movement, balance and co-ordination.  We will help improve posture, rehabilitate injuries, sports specific performance and overall wellbeing.

This will be followed by a 30 min HIIT class ( high intensity interval training) This workout is a combination of cardiovascular training, strength training and core exercises.  We will get the heart pumping , strengthen an tone muscles and burn some calories.   Everyone is welcome - join the fun and get fit at the same time for all fitness levels join Zoe on Saturday morning in the Walled Garden at 10am.

Dandelion Yoga with Grainne Saturday 11am & Sunday 11am

A fun, dynamic, flow yoga class in the Walled Garden, based around the breath and movement together. In keeping with the May Fair vibe, we will connect breath and movement to music, so you can access a flow state where your worries melt away.

Grainne holds classes in the Grainstore weekly on a Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. For a taste of one of her fabulous classes join Grainne in the Walled Garden on Saturday and Sunday at 10am.

Sound Bath With Shama Saturday 12.30pm

Join Shama in the Walled Garden Saturday at 12.30 for an immersion in beautiful sounds and vibrations that are healing for your body, mind and spirit.  A Sound Bath is a deeply relaxing, meditative experience which can take you on a journey of deep relaxation, healing and self discovery. You will experience the healing power of Tibetan Singing & Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Shamanic Drums, Koshi chimes and many more. The healing frequencies and vibrations will wash away all your stress, tension, and cares. All you have to do is lie there and allow the healing sounds and vibrations to wash over you. What better way to relax before a delicious lunch at May Fair.

Core Pilates Beginners Workshop with Shirley Saturday 2pm  

Shirley of Core Pilates Cork is another of our weekly instructors at the Grainstore. Shirley is delivering a 2 hour pilates workshop for beginner level as an introduction/taster to the pilates method of movement.  The workshop will teach the basic principles of pilates  The emphasis for the workshop will also be relaxation . A mindfulness meditation session will take place at the end of the workshop . Shirley is a STOTT Pilates Certified Pilates Instructor.  Also certified in Injuries & Special Population Pilates  and Pre & Post natal Pilates.

Self-care  Saturday with Mirin Mooney– Saturday 4.30

Indulge in some self-care and self-love on Saturday afternoon with Mirin Mooney. We all know how important self-care is, yet life gets busy and it can easily go by the wayside. This workshop is an opportunity for you to prioritise you and your wellbeing! Take some time out and indulge yourself in this 1.5 hour session of self-care practices. Beginning with a gentle yoga and mindfulness practice, followed by a discussion on self-care and self-love (what it is, why it’s hard, and ways to make it easier). This will be followed by some journaling prompts to support you in exploring how you can show yourself the love you deserve, what gets in the way, and how to make this easier (paper & pens provided). There will also be an opportunity for questions and discussion on the topic. Session includes: Gentle yoga practice, talk on self-love & self-care, journalling session, mindfulness meditation, opportunity for discussion.

Pilates Studio Midleton session with Lindsay Sunday 10am

Lindsay from Pilates Studio in Midleton has been hosting classes in the Grainstore since we opened. Lindsay teaches mainly STOTT Pilates with modifications, regressions & progressions depending on her clients ability. Each class she teaches is tailor made to suit each participant. Join Lindsay on Sunday morning at 10am.

Nature Mandala Workshop with Nicola McCarthy

Beginning with an introduction to one another and a brief description of Mandalas and what we will be doing, followed by a grounding exercise that will quieten the mind and deepen our connection to Earth. Embarking on a walking meditation we will forage materials opening up to the magic and abundance of nature, looking at what’s readily available and being mindful of what is ok to use. Returning to the meeting point we will combine our harvest, organising the material looking at shape and colour.

Setting an intention both personally and as a whole we will begin from the centre out, arranging leaves, flowers, twigs, seeds, stones, whatever we found to build a beautiful mandala, there may be one large or a few different ones, gently guiding the process whilst also going with the flow and allowing the Art to emerge from whatever nature gifts us.

Part of the beauty of the outdoor Mandala is its delicacy and impermanence, an exercise in unattachment and valuing the present moment, restoring balance and letting us fill with the wonder that is Life.

Nicola McCarthy is an artist and yoga teacher from Skibbereen, a graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design, recently returned from 25 years in San Francisco, where she grew her art and developed her yoga & meditation practice. Nicola’s fine art has been exhibited widely, a muralist, set painter and workshop facilitator. Being a yoga teacher enables her to add a deeper layer of richness to her workshops, loving guiding others to connect to the joy of Being through art, nature and yoga.

Love of nature is her passion. Rejoicing in colour and shape, she creates outdoor art using organic matter, collecting fallen petals and leaves, whatever might be found to create beautiful Mandalas. Art, nature and meditation are woven together in each Mandala, an ancient sacred practice that fills the heart with gratitude and peace.

We can find our centre and let love radiate from within to embrace and protect this precious Earth, Nicola’s work is an ongoing commitment to help connect us to the infinite source of Joy that is there for all.

Nikki Cousins Yoga Sunday 2.00pm

Bring your mat and join Nikki in the walled garden for an hour of introductory Yoga and breath work in the sun.

Nikki has been practising yoga for about 25 years and teaching for 20.  She currently teaches in Cork city centre. She teaches a strength and mobility based vinyasa practice and believes that movement and awareness is what matters. Keeping our bodies healthy which helps to keep our minds healthy. The connection between the two is undeniable. And the importance of working with the breath as the bridge between the two continues to inspire her. She will be teaching an hour long introduction to yoga and breath work.

Caroline Cumming Yoga Sunday 3.30pm

Join Caroline on Sunday in the walled garden for an hour's class for back pain. The class is designed for people wanting to ease stiff and achey lower backs using a mix of yoga and pilates exercises. Caroline Cumming is a chartered physiotherapist, and has been teaching both Yoga and Pilates for the past 15 years. She is currently based in West Cork and does clinical work part time from her Physiotherapy practice in Ballydehob, as well as teaching Yoga/Pilates classes between Schull and Ballydehob, Caroline brings her 18 years of physiotherapy experience into her teaching, with a strong focus on anatomy, alignment and specific muscle engagement. She likes to keep her classes challenging but light hearted and fun, and believes the social connections and after-class swims and coffees are equally important.

See our event timetable for a full list of events taking place over the weekend.

Book a class or workshop when you purchase an entry ticket to the Fair, bring your mat and enjoy the fresh air and garden atmosphere.

€3.00 contribution to walled garden classes will be donated to the Red Cross.

Rose O'Driscoll Psychic Medium

There’s something inside us that already knows to follow our gut instinct, but at times, it can feel elusive. Rose's role as a highly skilled and experienced intuitive is to help you access that inner magic and support you in excavating it for richer life experiences. Intuitive consultations are unique, powerful explorations and can include:

Life purpose review and gifts/talents to be developed

Improved insight and clarity for decision making

Guidance for prosperity in major life areas including life/career satisfaction, relationships, health and finances

Alerts to emotional energy blocks that need to be cleared through guidance.

Insight into spiritual, intuitive or psychic experiences

Messages from loved ones as a natural born medium , Spirit will guide you on your path in these sessions.

Your relationship with Self, spirituality, others, habits, archetypes

Indications of where you are on your Journey and the necessary steps to move forward.

Relaying of messages from loved ones.

Messages of Evidence from the afterlife

Healing to the heart

Providing Comfort

Energy connections to spirit to the client

Rose cannot guarantee a specific spirit will come through in any session , come with an open mind and who knows who may have a message for you.

Rose covers all aspects of your life’s current path

About Rose

Since childhood Rose has been fascinated with Spirit and psychic ability, she has always felt quite intuitive when it came to family , work situations and found she was always giving strong intuitive advice to people. Having suffered anxiety and depression in teenage years due to suppressing messages from spirit and not understanding it completely Rose was guided to a Psychic Medium herself in her early 20's , the light bulb moment came and this new chapter began ...  

Despite fear of failure, fear of being wrong and fear of success all at the same time.. Rose threw herself into psychic and self development, , and started reading for the public worldwide straight away.

On foot from venue to venue in New York , Calgary , Edmonton and Vancouver , both Rose's ability and confidence grew. Rose held her first group audience show in Buffalo , New York, and from coast to coast , she connected for people in cafes , bookstores, restaurants, theatres, hotels, etc the list is endless ! Connecting with the soul of a person here or in the spirit world is a true blessing.

Rose continues on her journey to help others evolve as she is a big campaigner of positive mindset, manifesting, empowering men and women, and initiating healing , Rose works mostly in Ireland and America, United Kingdom and also has a worldwide following through her online sessions

To book a session over the May Fair weekend with Rose follow the BUY TICKETS link at the top of the page and select the time that suits you. You do need to purchase an entry ticket to May Fair along with your slot to see Rose.

Children's Activities

The May Fair is a family friendly event and we have lots of fun and interesting activities for kids that will get them creating and curious.

Brickx Club and Clayotic Drop off Activity Area from 10am Saturday and Sunday.

Clayotic and the Brickx Club will be in the Carrigaun Room, where you can drop your kids for a 1 hour workshop while you catch a cooking demo or do a workshop yourself.

Carrigaun Room workshops will have kids busy crafting, modelling and building with a limitless supply of Lego and colourful clay, games and competitions.

The Brickxclub is delighted to be doing Brick Building workshops in Ballymaloe for the May fair. We have skills, challenges, pixel art, car building ,city design and planning and lots more. We also have our Pre-loved bricks for sale

Food & Drink

We take food and drink very seriously at our fairs and festivals so you can be assured of a delicious array of lunch and dinner options.

Join us Friday evening, all day Saturday, Saturday night and all day Sunday for a great day followed by a night out with delicious food, cocktails, cooking demos, wine tasting and music.

We have a great line up of food options with Volcano Pizza, Gidi on the Grill, Spice Genie, Captains Catch, My Goodness, Ballymaloe House, Rossmore Oysters, Los Chicanos Taco's, Yum Gelato, Flour House, Golden Bean, Koko Kinsale, The Good Dairy Company and more.  

Relax and have a bite to eat all the while enjoying local musicians and the buzz of summer all around you. 

Running throughout the weekend between Midleton, Ballycotton and Ballymaloe. Call John for a pickup

We have a shuttle bus running through out the weekend from Ballycotton and Midleton to Ballymaloe May Fair. For details ring John from Cork Transfers 0861602646


Aidan Quigley on Friday night 5 till late

We are delighted to have a great line up of music for the weekend with DJ Aiden Quigley  starting the weekend on Friday night. Grainne and Craig, along with Sean Kelleher and The Ripple Effect  will entertain us on the Wood Shed stage for the rest of the weekend.

Grainne Gormley Saturday and Sunday

Come join us on Saturday night with DJ Luke set to entertain us till late.

DJ Luke Saturday night till late

Garden Tours, Walks & Talks

Come to the May Fair and learn how to grow your own veg or make your garden bloom.  Take a tour of the Ballymaloe walled garden, house, grounds and farm.

Walled Garden Tours with head gardeners Mags and Susan Turner - Saturday 11am & Sunday 12.30 & 2.00pm

Join Susan or Mags as they discuss the yearly progression of the Ballymaloe Walled Garden, how they grow peaches and pears, how they organically plant and grow all the vegetables for the Ballymaloe Kitchen and more. See the glass houses and the garden at its turning point before high summer, the Ballymaloe composting systems and more. This is the perfect chat for those embarking on a new veg patch or those who want to learn how to extend what they already have.

Sustainability Tours with Rudy & Rory - Saturday & Sunday 11.30am

Head off with Rudy and Rory as they show you all the Alternative Energy systems we have in place at Ballymaloe from the solar panels producing electricity to run the farm and hotel to the boiler supplying all the heat. A fascinating look at how small changes can make huge changes.

Biodiversity Tours with Tobias - Saturday 12.30 & Sunday 11am

Join Tobias for a walk around the grounds of Ballymaloe and learn how to make your garden more biodiverse. From our newly built Silver Birch Bee/Bug hotel to succession planting and more. Tobias is a wealth of information on this fascinating and diverse subject.

Richard Scott Sculpture Gallery Exhibition Pre Opening tour - Saturday & Sunday 2.30pm

Don't miss a walk around the Sculpture Exhibition with Ritchie Scott as he discusses the sculptures and the work that goes into putting the exhibition together.
At this time of the year the gallery shall be in the final throws of preparing its annual outdoor sculpture event which takes place on the grounds in front of Ballymaloe House.
The talk shall concentrate on the back-story to opening an exhibition, the artists involved and the materials used.
It is of appeal to the entire family and dogs are welcome to accompany us as we walk through the exhibition area and chat.

Ballymaloe House Tours with Fern Allen - Saturday & Sunday 3pm

Fern Allen will take you on a very personal behind the scenes tour of Ballymaloe House. You will get an insight into the history of Ballymaloe House and farm and the Allen family story, past and present.

Book your spot on the tours when you purchase your entry ticket to the Fair. All fees for the tours will be donated to the Red Cross

Stalls & more

Browse through an array of stalls and be inspired. We will be joined by furniture makers, garden stalls, food producers from around the country, vintage clothing and young Irish fashion designers. Be sure to check out our vintage furniture section and lots more. Check back here and keep an eye on our social media for updates on who will be joining us.

Ballymaloe House Events

Get a group of friends together and enjoy Afternoon Tea on the front lawn of Ballymaloe House or take a Ballymaloe History tour.

Ballymaloe House Afternoon Tea Saturday & Sunday- 1.30pm

You are in for a treat with Head Chef Dervilla O'Flynn and sweets kitchen chef JR producing a delicious afternoon tea menu with sandwiches, cakes, biscuits and more. Enjoy a cup of tea and delicious food at the front of Ballymaloe House in the sun.

Limited spaces available so make sure you book your spot when purchasing your entry tickets for the Fair.

History Tours of Ballymaloe House Saturday & Sunday 3.00pm

Fern Allen will be giving history tours of Ballymaloe over the weekend. Normally only available to guests of Ballymaloe, learn the history of the house and its inhabitants dating back to the very beginning.


One of the areas we are most excited about during the May Fair is the Demo stage. We have Darina Allen, Rory O'Connell, Paul Flynn, Cully and Ivan, Andy Ferreira from Cask and many more joining us over the weekend. Included for free with your entry ticket make sure not to miss out.

Friday Night from 6.00pm

Andy Ferreira from Cask will show you how to make fabulous swoon worthy cocktails at home followed by Cully and Ivan from Cully and Sully demonstrating two very different ways to make a delicious risotto dinner

Saturday from 10am

Starting with Rory O'Connell at 11am the demo stage at May Fair has a fully packed itinerary. Join Darina Allen at 3pm and make sure you don't miss Colm and Seamus with their pop up wine tastings. If you miss Andy on Friday night then fear not as he is returning to the stage on Saturday at 7 to impart more cocktail wisdom.

Sunday from 10am

Scot Holder from Los Chicano's is going to give a demo on how to make a delicious Mexican meal at home. Paul Flynn has a surprise or two in store at 3pm and once again Colm and Seamus will pop up with a wine tasting.

Writers corner

A very special area of the Fair is the Writers corner. Join local authors as they read excerpts from their newly released books. See below for a taster of who is joining us.

Swerve Magazine:

Swerve magazine is the work of a group of Cork writers who met virtually during lockdown, ably produced by the vision and unwavering commitment of one of their writers, Mich Maroney of Rosscarbery,

This edition of Swerve, hoped to be the first of many editions to come, showcases poetry and prose from three writing groups who all came together under the aegis of Cork Libraries’ writing initiative - The Cork Prose Collective and One World Poets. Matthew Geden -  poet, lecturer and Cork County Council Writer-In-Residence, chaired and continues to chair all three groups.

Mich is also an artist, and her stunning photographs throughout the magazine enhance the sumptuous cornucopia that is Swerve, Cork’s latest offering to the literary world. Mich feels that it is important to make the magazine visually exciting and to this end will be inviting artists and writers to contribute to future issues.

“The book is unique,” says Mich. “It emerged from a time of great change when people reprioritised their life choices. The poetry and prose are an eclectic mix of top-notch writing, developed and honed within the confines of lockdown. The zoom writing groups focused our creativity and gave us a safe place to read and exchange ideas when we were unable to physically meet colleagues and friends.”

Buy the Book Authors:

Buy the Book is an Irish owned and Independent online book marketplace established in 2021 for authors to sell their books directly to their readers.Buy the Book actively promotes Irish authors and is a growing author community and support network.

Hope to Cope Author Katherine Dolphin Griffin:

Hope to Cope is essential reading for anyone on life’s journey, an uplifting book about love, perseverance, and hope. This is not a story of seeing the good in spite of circumstances. It is a story of living through the circumstances, of accepting that sometimes coping is enough and overall one of great hope. Katherine shows us through her own life stories that in accepting what we cannot change we can look to the things that we can change, and put our focus there.

List of Authors:

Christopher Foran / Katherine Griffin / Meadhbh Chambers / Donal Hayes / Moze Jacobs / Janet Heeran / Amanda Leahy / Mich Maroney / Lauren O' Donovan / Traze Irwine / Catherine Ronan / Assumpta Curran / Jordan McCarthy / Niall O'Sullivan / Ger Hedigan / Ruth Ellwood / Jennifer Redmond / Sean O' Riordan / Sue O' Connor / Mona Lynch / Holly Darragh-Hickey

Fun Dog Show

Bring your four legged family friend along to May Fair and join in on the fun at our Dog Show, with competitions such as the best dressed dog or most agile it is sure to be great fun for all.  Proudly sponsored by Top Barks Canine School with Esther Ring and Swaggles Dog Collars.

Prizes donated by Swagglesdogcollars.com

Categories Include:

Puppy under 6 months

Clever pup ( Tricks )

Adult handler

Young handler

Small dog under 10kg

Medium 11-25kg

Large - 25kg +

Entry fee is €3.00 with all proceeds going to DAWG Cork.

All money raised at the Dog Show will be donated to D.A.W.G
Contact Esther on 0851652227

A day out for your Dog Stalls 2023

April 2nd 10am - 4:30pm

Ballymaloe Grainstore

To receive an invite to apply for a stall please contact Bree@ballymaloe.com