Fun Dog Show

Main Arena - Its amazing what dogs can do


2pm - 3.30pm

One of the most exciting parts of a Dogs’ Day Out at Ballymaloe where your pooch becomes the star!!

Register and enter your dog into our Fun Dog Show, or enjoy the incredible line-up of talented, cute, fluffy and fashionable dogs! Categories and times are:

Proudly Hosted/ MC by Noreen from Hounds and Helis.


Registration Back of Big Shed


Best Puppy (under 6 months ): It's a puppy-palooza of cuteness overload where these pint-sized pooches get to flaunt their floppy ears, wagging tails, and boundless energy.


Cutest Pocket Pup (Best Small Breed): Owners, get ready to show off your mini marvel's cutest poses and quirkiest antics. It's all about the "aww" factor in this category!


Middleweight Marvel (Best Medium Breed): Owners, it's time to let your furry friend's personality shine! Whether they're showing off their best moves  or flashing their signature puppy-dog eyes, the spotlight is theirs to own!


Gentle Giants (Best Large Breed): Get ready to be awestruck by the sheer magnificence of our gentle giants! If your furry friend towers over the rest with their impressive size and gentle demeanor, they're perfect for this category.


"Fashion Faux Paws" (Best Dressed): This category is where dogs and their owners can let their imaginations run wild and show off their flair for fashion with costumes that are bark-tastically brilliant!


Best Rescue Story: This category allows owners to share heart warming stories of their rescued dogs, highlighting the importance of adoption and giving these dogs a chance to shine.

Sign up on the day in the Big Shed.

Thank you to our wonderful Exhibitors for the Prizes (in no particular order)

Jane Reeves Art

Ruby Reece

Golden Perfection

Wildlife Rescue Cork

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