Richie Castillo and Alex O'Neill: MASARAP

Cook the Books - Cooking Demonstrations




Richie Castillo was born and raised in Dublin to an Irish mother and a Filipino father. For 10 years he worked in various kitchens at home and abroad, but after the pandemic threw the restaurant industry into chaos, he wanted to play by his own rules, go back to his roots and harness his creativity to create something personal and true to him.

Encouraged by his partner Alex, Bahay was born. Named after the Taglog word for house/home, Richie focuses on introducing people to Filipino flavours using Irish produce as well as highlighting Irish-Filipino culture through food, music and art in unique spaces, locations and venues across the country.

October 2023 saw the release of Masarp as part of the Blasta Book series, Bahay's debut cook. For Richie, this book was a catalyst for exploring and connecting with his Filipino and Irish heritage as well as a time of great personal growth and development not content with just one project, shortly after Bahay was created, Richie began studying for a Masters degree in psychotherapy, which he will complete in 2025.

Photo of Ritchie courtesy of Ruth Calderpotts


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