Introduction to Fermentation Workshop with Maria Walsh

Ballymaloe Festival of Food Workshops




Maria is the fermentation queen of Ballymaloe! If there is anything Maria doesn't know about bubbling ferments, it is not worth knowing.

Maria will be running a fermented drinks workshop focused on creating gut friendly Ginger Bug, a beautiful water kefir and tasty and easy introduction to live ferments. Participants will get stuck into the fermentation process and learn a wealth of knowledge about gut friendly foods, the benefits of fermented drinks and much more.

Maria will explain that we are more bacterial cells then human cells in the body. Living a life that lives in harmony with your bacteria, has an immense effect on gut health  and mental health. There will be a focus on ginger bug and water kefir. Creating probiotic delicious drinks. A spectacular display for the senses. Ancestral recipes that have been handed down through the generations.

A ginger bug is a fiery fermented ginger liquid full of gut friendly probiotics. Ginger bug can be taken as a shot daily to help boost your immune system or it can be used as a "starter liquid" to create delicious ginger beers and sodas. This spicy delicious drink is extremely robust and full of wild yeasts and microbes to give you a spring in your step. Water kefir is a perfect introduction to fermented drinks and can be flavoured in many different ways using the bounty of the season. Come and learn so much more and go home with a wealth of knowledge about fermenting, gut health and more.

Tickets available as an Add On when purchasing your entry ticket to the Festival, €10.00 per person, with all equipment, ingredients and recipes provided

Maximum of 15 participants per workshop.

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