Dave Beecher: The Health and the Wealth of Soil

Ballymaloe Festival of Food - Big Shed Stage




About Dave Beecher - Biological Soil and Farm Researcher:

Dave is the Field Officer with Danú Farming Group and is involved in researching the benefits of Biological Farming in an Irish context. He has a long-term commitment to supporting farmers in their transition to Biological/Regenerative farming has a keen interest in soil health and its connection with plant, animal, human, and ultimately planetary health.

This workshop is relevant to farmers, growers and gardeners and anyone wishing to understand the miracle that is our soil. It will be a good introduction for those wanting to get started on both understanding soil biology and supporting its healthy development.

The basics of The Soil Food Web. Using a microscope to bring the various characters in our soil to life. We will explore their roles and how they interact as a symbiotic community which provides many benefits including the creation of the vibrant material called humus.

We will look at how conventional agriculture is impacting our soils - how cultivation, fertilizers and chemical sprays impact soil biology and us.

Dave will Illustrate how the nutritional quality of food and our own health are affected, as well as that of the wider planet.

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