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Conor has been involved in the food industry for over 34 years During this time, he has worked in many different types of establishments across Ireland and the UK, from bistros and bars to hotels, banqueting and fine dining. He is currently the Culinary Director of Food Space, a bespoke contract catering business which has grown in the last seven years to over 20 locations throughout Ireland and the UK.

During his years as a chef, Conor has always had a passion for local seasonal food. Local to Conor is food that is grown, produced or farmed within 50 miles of his kitchens. But that not being enough Conor has always questioned what is the future of food? and how can we feed the planet sustainably. 

Over the last sixteen years he has deep dived into sustainability and our broken food system. Conor is known for questioning everything in the food industry and never satisfied that chefs are doing enough for the food system and planet. 

What has always been the norm in professional kitchens has been turned on its head. Conor has removed practices that are unsustainable and is one of the industry leaders in zero waste kitchens.

Most recently Conor’s work has also led to collaborate the setup of the Chefs Manifesto. Conor is one of the co-authors in collaboration with the United Nations sustainable development goals to implement change and putting chefs center to fixing a global food system. This has grown to over 1,200 chefs across 100 countries and work with many NGO’s to make real change.

Conor has received many accolades for his work in sustainability and attends many events globally for pop-ups, talks and demos including Paris, Rome, Milan, London, Lisbon, Dubai, Canada, Spain, Germany as well as Ireland. You can also catch him on Virgin Medias Six O’Clock show showcasing zero waste meals.

Conor’s first book Wasted was published in July 2023 as part of the fantastic Blasta Books. 

Photo by Phil Doyle


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