Brian O'Connor from Brian's Wines: Wine Pairing

The Woodshed Kitchen - Shed Dining




After taking a job with one of Ireland's first great chefs, Declan Ryan, at the age of thirteen, Brian spent his formative years immersed in the vibrant culinary milieu of Cork's thriving Farmer's Markets and the innovative gastronomic movement blossoming in the city. Moved by the locality of the supply chain and the focus on quality raw materials, Brian pursued a formal education in wine hoping to one day select the wines to be served alongside the iconic dishes of the modern Irish Kitchen. Left cold by the realities of the global wine industry, it was among the disparate community of growers producing natural wine that Brian recognised the gestures and spirit of the artisans he observed as a young man, and the majesty of wines unspoiled by the prescriptions of industrial production.

Intent on matching the culinary ambition of the Irish food movement, Brian traveled Europe to source wines directly from the growers that had inspired him and today supplies some of the best cellars in the country. Having worked as a stagiaire at cellars in France and Spain, Brian also works with Barry Walsh and Dave and Kate Watson at Killahora Orchards, producing some of Ireland's finest ciders and perries.

Brian's bespoke wine experience will be an optional extra to pair with JP McMahon, Chef, Restaurateur, Author's dining experience which will be available to purchase at the restaurant during the event.

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