Lee & Kate Tiernan from Black Axe Mangal: FKABAM

The Woodshed Kitchen - Shed Dining




What an event to start off the first of our Woodshed Kitchen Dinners. Ted and his team are joined by Lee, Kate from Black Axe Mangal - FKABAM and West Corks own Fingal Ferguson from Gubbeen to bring you a experience not to be missed.

This is farm shed dining. Nothing fancy just great food and drinks, music and fun. There might even be dancing.

Lee and Kate Tiernan opened their singular restaurant ( Formally Known As ) Black Axe Mangal or F.K.A.B.A.M in London September 2015 after starting life as a pop up in the backyard of a nightclub in Copenhagen. Both owners worked a decade with the St John restaurant group before going it alone and the ethos of nose to tail cooking followed with them, the restaurant now offers a full vegan menu too without compromise to Lee’s unique approach to cooking. 

Lee heads up the kitchen and Kate the front of house. 

At F.K.A.B.A.M the flavours are as loud as the music, the tiny dining room is a place for fun, where food is taken seriously but without fuss or ceremony. Over the last decade Lee has cooked his way around the world including at the Melbourne Food and wine festival, Joe Beef, Montreal and has collaborated with many well known chefs including Matty Matheson, Danny Bowien, Richard Hart, Angela Hartnett to name but a few.

Tickets available as an Add On when purchasing your entry ticket to the Festival. €85.00 per person. Please note wine tastings are not included in this price.

DIETRY NOTICE: As a bespoke pop-up event we cannot cater for dietary requirements.

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