A Scoop and a Yarn: Storytelling at the BFF

Ballymaloe Festival of Food Walks and Talks




We all have a story to tell, especially about food, and at this year's Ballymaloe Food Festival, you'll get a chance to share yours. Plus hear others' stories too. Scoop: Irish Food Stories, the annual food journal that shares the inside story on Irish food, is delighted to host the first-ever A scoop & a yarn – a storytelling corner of the festival where people can share their food memories through storytelling.

When you think about it, our relationship with food is intrinsically linked to how we feel and, hence, we use food to mark every milestone, occasion and day in our lives. Irish food culture has been shaped by us, the generations before us, and what's to come. Over the three-day festival, we'll be sharing stories about various topics that will inform, inspire, provoke and amuse.  

We ask you to join us, share your story, or simply sit back and relax to hear Irish food stories, from chefs, producers, growers, writers, and some familiar faces from Ballymaloe, all while enjoying a scoop, or maybe two!

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