8pm - 9pm
Pilates with Lindsay from The Pilates studio, Midleton

Pilates with Lindsay from The Pilates studio, Midleton

We are delighted to have Lindsay from The Pilates Studio, Midleton joining us weekly in the Carrrigaun Room. Lindsay has been with us since we started weekly classes with her dynamic classes.

Pilates is a great way to tighten up and tone the tummy, as well as strengthening the back. It will improve your posture and help with balance and circulation. It is also a great way of gaining flexibility and relaxing.

Pilates is the perfect complement to many cardiovascular sports such as running, football or rugby as the 'lateral breathing' technique increases lung capacity making the body more efficient. Squats and lunges help reduce fatigue time by up to 20% for runners. The balance and strengthening exercises help even any muscle imbalances caused by one-sided sports such as golf, football or tennis.

It's also great for new mums to strengthen the pelvic floor and tone up after pregnancy.

Pilates is a very safe form of exercise, recommended by physiotherapists as rehabilitation from injuries.

Trainer Lindsay Bertram is Qualified through STOTT not only in Pilates but also prenatal, post-natal and osteoporosis Pilates. Lindsay is also fully-qualified in personal training, step and spinning, and qualified to teach reformer Pilates through a balanced body. She holds a FETAC 5 in Nutrition and FETAC 4 in First Aid.

Pilates courses are for mixed levels.

Lindsay can be contacted via text or email lindsay@thepilatesstudiomidleton.com. 087 937 5490

60 min