Golden Roll Sushi

Naphat Malanon of the Pod Sushi-Thai Express

Golden Roll Sushi

Recipe Background: 


  • Sushi rice 150 g
  • Nori 1 sheet
  • Avocado 3 pcs.
  • Deep fried Crab stick 2 pcs.
  • Japanese radish pickle 10g.
  • Cream cheese 20g.
  • Breaded Prawns. 2 pcs,


The heart of homemade sushi starts with well made rice, to do this use the absorption method to cook it.

- Use 1 cup of rice : 1 cup of water, rinse 3-4 time in warm water.

- Leave the rice to absorb water( warm) for 20 minutes.

- Rinse again with hot water and put it in the rice cooker.

- Wait until it cooked.

- Once the rice is cooked, take it out to a bigger container, add sushi seasoning and mix well.

- Place your nori 1/2 ( seaweed sheet ) to bamboo sushi matt. Shiny side facing down.

- Use 150g of rice add to your nori sheet turn your nori with rice to sushi mat.

- Add avocado, cream cheese, radish pickle, crab stick, breaded prawns.

- Take the bottom of the sheet and roll it up so that the bottom meets the top.

Top with

Mango slide 8 slices (thin slices)

Japanese mayonnise

Deep fried onions

Spicy sauce (Mayonnaise 50g, Masago 10g, Sriracha sc. 20g, Teriyaki 20g, mix well)


Deep Fried leek


Teriyaki sauce

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