6pm - 7.15pm
Somatic Dance

Somatic Dance

Somatic dance refers to a style of dance that focuses on the internal experience of the body and emphasizes a deep connection between the mind, body, and emotions. It is a holistic approach to movement that goes beyond just the physical aspects of dance and places a strong emphasis on self-awareness, mindfulness, and personal exploration.

In somatic dance, the dancer is encouraged to pay close attention to bodily sensations, feelings, and subtle movements. The goal is to create a sense of presence and attunement to one's own body, fostering a deeper understanding of how the body moves and responds to different stimuli.

By tapping into our body's wisdom, and through concious movement, we release stagnation and trapped energy reestablishing the natural easy flow of energy through the body.

Oksana is a qualified physiotherapist, craniosacral therapist, crystal healing practitioner, somatic dance facilitator,

intuitive crystal jewellery creator and ceramic artist.

She is passionate about working with women, exploring feminine and sensual energy.

Through the somatic dance practice her intention is to cultivate awareness to our inner wisdom connecting to our authenticity and the sense of wellbeing and freedom in our physical body.

For bookings email oksanautkinaceramics@gmail.com

75 minutes