Mindfulness with Mirin Mooney

Mindfulness with Mirin Mooney


Mindfulness is such a simple thing to do, and does wonders for our mental and emotional wellbeing, yet few of us actually implement it. From reducing stress, improving mental health, improving sleep, and so much more – the proven benefits are plenty!

If you are ready to start bringing a regular mindfulness practice into your life and the many benefits that come with it, then look no further.

Each session will include a few mindfulness practices accompanied by group discussions around the topic including: benefits, personal experiences, difficulties, application in everyday life, and how to make it easier. When possible part of the sessions will be held outdoors using nature and the different senses to learn mindfulness, otherwise they will be in the Carrigaun room. As mindfulness is extremely beneficial for reducing stress and supporting mental health, group discussions often naturally move towards stress reduction and how to create lifestyle choices that support mental and emotional wellbeing.

Many people think they can’t do mindfulness because their mind is too noisy or they can’t sit still – neither of these are necessary for mindfulness, so come try a class and find out more! Suitable for all experience levels.

Proven benefits of mindfulness:

-       Reduces stress

-       Improve mental health

-       Increases focus & efficiency

-       Hardwires you to be more calm and less reactive

-       Improves sleep

-       Increases happiness & fulfilment

-       Improves relationships

60 minutes

Price: €12

Contact Mirin to book your spot 087 759 6580 Mirinmooney@gmail.com