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Tours, Walks & Talks

Tours, Walks & Talks

Next years list of Walks & Talks will be up in 2024! Feel free to browse through our previous line-up to get and idea of what our Walks & are all about!

Come to the May Fair and learn some local history, how to grow your own veg, make your garden bloom and live sustainably.  Take a tour of the beautiful Ballymaloe House, Walled Garden, our Grounds and Farm.

Ballymaloe History

Join Fern Allen as she gives a tour explaining the rich history of Ballymaloe House and the treasures it holds!


Tobias will be giving a wonderful biodiversity walk around the grounds, opening your eyes to the everyday wonders of nature.

Everyday Sustainability

Amy Orr from the successful eco- business 'Youme' will take you for a walk and discuss ways to make your home more sustainable and small changes that can make a big difference.

The Edible Garden

Susan Turner will take you through the beautiful Walled Garden and discuss how our gardens supply the Ballymaloe Kitchens. Discover the beautiful fruits that can grow in the East Cork climate with the right care!

Irish Bee Conservation

The Irish Bee Conservation Project will give a fascinating talk on their work and the lives and importance of these small vital pollinators.

The Self-Sufficient, Energy Saving Farm

Rory and Rudy will take you a on tour of the farm and discuss how Ballymaloe is supplying its own electricity through solar panels and heating through a biofuel boiler.

A Tour of Ireland's Sculptures

Lastly, if you've ever wondered how to purchase the perfect sculpture for your garden, Ritchie Scott from Artistic Alliance will talk you through how he brings together Ireland's top sculpture artists and curates an exhibition.

Bug Hotels with Cork Nature Network

Insects play critical roles in our lives. Often under-appreciated and viewed by some as a nuisance, insects are “lever pullers of the world”. These tiny animals are fundamental for a healthy ecosystem, yet they are underappreciated, understudied and rarely considered in conservation. John from Cork Nature Network as he talks us through how to make our gardens insect friendly.

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