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Desserts with JR Ryall And Valentia Island Vermouth

Desserts with JR Ryall And Valentia Island Vermouth

JR Ryall is the pastry chef at Ballymaloe House. He has been working there since the age of fifteen and in 2010 took the reins to oversee the dessert menu. Each year, he travels for two months in search of new culinary ideas around the world. His recent debut cookbook 'Ballymaloe Desserts' has seen international success. Join him for a demo in all things sweet and discover the magic behind your favourite desserts.

Valentia Island Vermouth will be joining JR for this demo. Valentia Island Vermouth is Ireland's first vermouth made using local plants from the island, wine from the mountains near Madrid and blended with caramel to make an incredible sweet artisan vermouth. Named in the top 10 vermouths in the world 2021 by Falstaff Magazine and the perfect pair to JR's delectable desserts.

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