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Cooking Demos Hosted by Tracie Daly

Cooking Demos Hosted by Tracie Daly

One of the areas we are most excited about during the May Fair is the Demo stage. We will have a whole host of the country's most celebrated chefs doing demos throughout the weekend. Whether you're a food enthusiast or beginner cook you're sure to learn something new and get that motivation to get into your kitchen and start creating.

We are delighted that Tracie will be hosting the Cooking Demonstrations at the Ballymaloe May Fair. Tracie Daly is a passionate, award-winning entrepreneur, qualified business coach, and chef, who helps hospitality business owners unlock their full potential. With a wealth of knowledge and industry experience in the Food and Education sectors, her advice and problem-solving skills have helped food business owners throughout the country.

Join her for energetic, informative, fun- filled cooking demonstrations as she welcomes the greatest chefs from throughout the country to share their expertise!

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