Candlelit Tales and May Fair Music Stage

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Candlelit Tales

Candlelit Tales

Candlelit Tales will celebrate the end of Spring transforming into Summer by coming together and remembering forgotten tales. This season, they are delighted to join the festivities on the stunning grounds of Ballymaloe for May Fair. Celebrating lost and forgotten foods, art forms, and bringing the oral tradition of storytelling back to the fore, they will, with music and melody, regale you with these old tales. The heroes of old were faced with many a dark and terrible fight. But no matter how dark, there was always a light. As the days get brighter and warmer, let us remember a few of these lessons gone by.



Candlelit Tales are a storytelling theatre and podcast group that specialise in retelling Irish myths and legends with live music. No matter how much or how little people know of Irish Mythology, these stories are for people who have never heard any Irish tales before and for those who might know it all.

Our stories live in the oral tradition, fluid and adaptable, flowing with live music that accompanies and enhances every moment. We will make you laugh, we may make you cry, and we might even make you roar.

We want to let these stories live again, and we need you to listen.

To find out more about them, listen to the Candlelit Tales Podcast found on Spotify or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

"The public is captivated (...) each twist and turn of their tales is met with laughs, sighs, and applause" Melanie Brisard, The Irish Times.

"Candlelit Tales is a quintessential Irish experience that manages to blend the ancient with the new, while remaining a truly authentic performance."

Anne Marie McCarthy, The Lonely Planet

"Funny, compelling, and most importantly, evocative."

Martin Kenny - An Ait Eile

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