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Cooking with Aidan Ryan of Tribe & Irish Drink Producers

Cooking with Aidan Ryan of Tribe & Irish Drink Producers

Aidan Ryan is the executive head chef and director of a family run Award winning restaurant called Tribe along with his 3 siblings. The Ryan family have a strong connection to grass roots and grass fed through their Dad who has played a major role in their love of the land which is represented in every dish that Aidan creates with great focus on local and Irish. Aidan trained with many of Irelands’ top chefs including Ross Lewis, Derry Clarke & Nevin McGuire. Tribe is one of 3 restaurants that resides in a very historic and medieval location- a church that is surrounded with breath taking ruins. Tribe is also growing in its footprint and expanding its foodie foothold beyond its beautiful home of Duleek.

This delicious demo has a fabulous pairing, thanks to Beara Bitters and Rebel City Distillery. Learn how to perfectly compliment a meal with delicious Irish drinks. You are in for a treat!

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