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Boatyard: An Bádchlós

05 Jun 2019

Art Exhibition and Soundscape by Anne Tilby
A Shrine to the Unique Culture and Craft of Boatbuilding

Wednesday 5 June - Saturday 29 June

The art of Irish boat building embodies resilience, defiance and survival.  This shrine to the unknown fishermen and craftsmen who lived their lives by the sea, is an appreciation of the culture of slow design and craftsmanship.

Artist Anne Tilby works with waste and the obsolete. First shown at Bantry House in 2018, the entire exhibition of Boatyard: An Bádchlós features a waste plastic sail, recycled artefacts and a 100-year-old sail with a dramatic and romantic history, found on the Essex coast where she built her first sailing dinghy with her father more than fifty years ago.

The exhibition in Ballymaloe Grainstore will feature a mesmeric Soundscape with the words of traditional Irish fishermen and their wives, and more than thirty original prints.  You can hear the soundscape at

Anne Tilby has a background in film and opera design, and her projects include comedy series Father Ted, Spitting Image and Sticky Moments starring Julian Clary. She has designed for operas at the Covent Garden Royal Opera House and the English National Opera.  Tilby received a BAFTA nomination for Alice Through the Looking Glass, a RTS nomination for Brazen Hussies (with Robert Lindsey and Julie Walters) plus other design awards. Tilby’s design work for TV and stage has been combined with fine art exhibitions and collaborations, resulting in a cross fertilisation of mixed media work.

Tilby uses humour in her artwork to confront our values in exhibitions such as Twin Cheeks, a performance and book consisting of forty painted backsides, FAG which presented a satirical collection of cigarette butt art and 2012’s Tortured Soles, which exhibited thirty-five unwearable art shoes taking aim at women’s preoccupation with footwear.

Boatyard is open from 5 - 29 June from 10am to 5pm.  Admission is free.

Click here to read Irish Examiner interview with Anne Tilby.

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05 Jun 2019