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The Unquiet Stones: An Exhibition by Artist Maria Tanner Cohen

The Unquiet Stones, a series of oil paintings by Irish artist Maria Tanner Cohen., will be on display from 2 through to 30 September.

Through this exhibition of works the artist invites the viewer on a journey into an interior world of imagination where the strange and symbolic power of the Irish myth and megalith is brought to new life.

From a small cluster of four or five standing stones, to a full ring of megaliths, the image of the stone circle is known to many as a sacred space. As far back in time as 6,000 years High Priests, Druids and Geomancers gathered in ceremonial order within the circle to receive the healing geomagnetic energy of the earth through her megalithic structures.

Many of Ireland’s ancient stone circles are aligned with the sun and moon, and form complex prehistoric calendars that align during the times of the solstices and the vernal and autumn equinox.  In Ireland the Stone Circles and many megalithic sites are deeply connected with the spirit of the place (known in Irish as An Dinnseanchas) through our folklore and myth.

Certain sites were said to be portals to the Other-World, where the earth energy channelled through these wild architectures provided a passage way to higher states of consciousness.

Unquiet Stones clothes the remnants of ancient Eire in a vesture of contemporary dreams, the work is a kind of re- opening of the treasury of myth and megalith from an unremembered age,” says the artist about her exhibition.

Maria Tanner Cohen is an Irish artist, based in An Rinn Gaeltacht in Co. Waterford. The artist received her honours degree in Fine Art from the Limerick School of Art in 2005; in 2010 she undertook her postgraduate studies with an MA.Vis. at IADT, Dun Laoghaire.

A highly creative individual Maria has work extensively within the arts industry as a visual artist, art writer and as an exhibitions curator. Maria is a  recipient of a number of prestigious awards namely Project Award from the Irish Arts Council, Cork Co. Council, Arts Office, Arts Award as well as Youghal Credit Union Community Development Fund, Art and Health Award – HSE South, Vibrant Ireland funding and the Culture Ireland Travel Award. Her paintings are held in both public and private collections, nationally and internationally.

The Unquiet Stones exhibition is open in the Grainstore seven days a week from 10am – 5.30pm.  Admission is free.

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